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Masonry Caps

Masonry Caps Atlanta

Masonry chimneys are wonderful and help the value of your home. Keeping your chimney looking nice and in good shape is something you definitely want to do to extend the life of your traditional true masonry chimney and enjoy your fireplace for years to come.

Water is the biggest concern with masonry chimneys. Having a perfectly fitted masonry cap installed will shed water away from the house and chimney to protect it from deteriorating the brick and concrete. Keeping water from falling directly into your chimney and house is also easily handled by having the right masonry cap. A masonry cap from Superior Chimney Tops will help prevent back drafting. A 1/4″ mesh screen will also prevent wildlife getting into your chimney that can cause bigger problems.

A quality masonry cap doesn’t go bad and rarely ever needs to be replaced. They also look awesome!

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