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Custom Chimney Tops

Custom Chimney Tops Atlanta

Keeping your home in good condition is at the top of any homeowner’s mind. But did you know that water damage is the leading cause of home repairs? A lot of people over look their chimney. But water is the most damaging thing to your chimney. It can cause serious problems leading to major fire hazards, like missing mortar joints, or a rusty firebox in a wooden chimney chase.

How do you protect your chimney and home from this kind of water damage?

Its simple. A Custom Chimney Top from Superior Chimney Tops is what you need. Custom made to fit your specific chimney, a custom chimney top will fit perfectly and look great on your home. Custom chimney tops are made to cover all wood that is at risk of rotting and also have a drip edge to shed water away from the chimney and house to prevent water damage to your home.

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